Northwest Arkansas Juniors Storm

2024 Fall Mini Club Placement Day -New to Storm- Players 11 and up



MINI CLUB placement will be held on August 10, 2024 in conjunction with our 2024-2025 NW Arkansas Juniors Storm Volleyball Club Summer Tryout. You do not have to try out for the club volleyball travel team in order to play a season of mini club. However, you DO need to register for BOTH Mini Club Placement and the Summer tryout if you intend to participate in both programs.

An AAU Player membership or USAVB Membership is REQUIRED in order to participate in placement day. AAU memberships are $14 and can be purchased here and will cover the athlete through August 31, 2024.

Memberships for the 2024-2025 year will be available  on Sept 1, 2024.  When registering, use the CLUB CODE W35938.


All participants wanting to join the MINI CLUB PROGRAM must register for PLACEMENT DAY first, even if you have a team ready to go.

This allows your athlete to be placed into the database and then assigned to his/her team.

If you are a part of a group who has already organized a team, there is an area to specify the name of the coach and the school or city you are affiliated with as a reference for us.
If you do not have a team assigned, we will place your athlete as a "free agent" and do our best to place them according to school/city of residence.

Please note, this registration is for MINI CLUB, Not for Fall League.
Our Mini-Club volleyball program offers a shortened club season running from August 13 to October 22, designed for girls aged 10 to 14 (4th to 9th grade). This program provides a fantastic opportunity for young athletes to enhance their volleyball skills and gain experience in a fun and competitive environment.

Program Details:
  • Duration: August 13 - October 22
  • Eligibility: Girls aged 10 to 14 (4th to 9th grade)
  • Requirements: Must have at least one full year of club volleyball experience or pass an evaluation by Storm staff. AAU membership required. When purchasing an AAU membership please remember to purchase on or after September 1, 2024 USE CLUB CODE W35938
  • Practices: Held twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, starting August 13, 2024.
  • Tournaments: Includes four 1-day pool play tournaments:
    • 4 Home  Saturday or Sunday Tournaments - two of the four may be scheduled away if we can find a host team on or before JULY 31, 2024.
  • Game Day T-Shirt: Each participant receives a game day Uniform shirt and Practice Shirt.
Why Join Mini-Club?
  • Skill Development: Focus on improving volleyball fundamentals and game strategies.
  • Competitive Play: Experience the excitement of competitive matches and tournaments.
  • Team Environment: Build teamwork and camaraderie with fellow players.
  • Experienced Coaching: Learn from experienced coaches dedicated to helping each player reach their potential.
Match Schedule: 
  • For Ages 10-12:
    • Match Dates (Checkboxes, required)
      • Sept 7 Sat AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
      • Sept 21 Sat AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
      • Oct 12 Sat AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
      • Oct 19 Sat AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
  • For Ages 13-14:
    • Match Dates (Checkboxes, required)
      • Sept 8 Sun AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
      • Sept 22 Sun AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
      • Oct 13 Sun AM WAVE (Starts at 8am)
      • Oct 20 Sun AM WAVE (Starts at 8a

This league will play at the Storm facility in Springdale on Saturdays or Sunday (depending on age). Games will be set up as "pool play" where athletes will play everyone in their assigned pool. They will also have the opportunity to line judge and score keep the "off match." This format helps to prep the athletes for more competitive club tournament formats.

If your child has never played volleyball in a travel ball format, he or she may be more comfortable participating in  our "fall league," a less competitive, "learn-to-play" program.

Sealy Thigpen

Volleyball Director NWAJS